Clooney what’s more, Ronaldo named as safeguard witnesses in Berlusconi ‘bunga bunga’ trial

The Seas performing artist what’s more, Genuine Madrid striker are among 78 individuals who are named what’s more, they moreover incorporate Clooneys Italian sweetheart Elisabetta Canalis, as well as a few other conspicuous Television personalities.
These incorporate Venezuelan excellence Aida Yespica, Argentinian showgirl Belen Rodriguez what’s more, senior government authorities counting remote serve Franco Frattini who was in London for todays Libya talks.
Listed: George Clooney what’s more, Cristiano Ronaldo have been put down as safeguard witnesses in Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” sex trial

A source on Berlusconis protection group said: George Clooney is one of a few individuals we have included on our list of witnesses as part of our case.
‘The list incorporates a few identities as well as bureau clergymen what’s more, they will all affirm what’s more, demonstrate that the prime serve is blameless of the over the top charges made against him.’
The case against Berlusconi focuses on Moroccan paunch artist Karima El Mahroug, 18, who was said to have been paid for sex by Berlusconi at the point when she was just 17 a long time old.

In interviews she afterward guaranteed that among visitors as Berlusconis parties were Clooney what’s more, Canalis what’s more, the safeguard point is to call them what’s more, expel the recommendations what’s more, depict the youngster as “confused.”
Clooney, who has a home on the shores of Lake Como close Milan, has been a visitor at a subsidize raising supper facilitated by Berlusconi yet there is no recommendation he was included in anything untoward.
Clooney said: ‘It appears odd since I’ve as it were met Berlusconi once what’s more, that was in an endeavor to get help into Darfur.’

Troubled time: The case against the Italian PM focuses on Moroccan midsection artist Karima El Mahroug who was said to have been paid for sex by Berlusconi at the point when she was just 17
Last month Miss El Mahroug too guaranteed to have had sex with Ronaldo for money what’s more, that she at that point poured champagne over his head after she felt she was abused by him.
The assertion was instantly denied by the footballer as completely false, saying that he had never met her what’s more, that amid the time Miss El Mahroug claims that he was with her I did not indeed go to Milan, a certainty that can be effortlessly proven.
A judge will presently choose on the off chance that Clooney, Ronaldo what’s more, the others on the list are significant what’s more, ought to be authoritatively called to affirm – up until presently they would have had no thought despite the fact that Miss Canalis is thought to have given protection legal advisors a explanation in association with the case.
Karima El Mahroug: In interviews she guaranteed that among visitors at Berlusconi’s parties were Clooney what’s more, his sweetheart Elisabetta Canalis
If they are affirmed at that point they will get official warning from the court what’s more, will be anticipated to go to a future hearing at the point when called – on the off chance that they doesnt at that point they could be fined 200 Euro.
It would not be the to start with time that Clooney has showed up in court in Milan – last year he brought mayhem to the building after he affirmed in a extortion case against three individuals denounced of dishonestly utilizing his name.
During the hearing Clooney talked in Italian what’s more, the open display was stuffed with swooning female court authorities who were pleased at the point when he turned what’s more, waved to them.
The other witnesses named have been called to affirm that Berlusconis claims that his parties were nothing more than ‘convivial, exquisite soires of sustenance what’s more, song.
Tonight Ronaldo could not be reached.
Earlier today Berlusconi hit out at prosecutors who are bringing the sex trial as well as three others against him, saying they had squandered 18 million in citizens money.
Berlusconi is blamed of a assortment of charges in the trials going from having sex with an underage prostitute, to charge fraud, distorting the course of equity what’s more, manhandle of power.
He has continuously demanded that the examinations are part of a cleared out wing arranged plot to topple him what’s more, hammered prosecutors.
The perma-tanned government official talked out as prosecutors in Milan declared they would be calling 132 witnesses for his sex trial counting 33 ladies said to have been paid to have sex with him.
He said to have mishandled his position as prime serve by securing Moroccan conceived Miss El Mahrougs discharge after the adolescent was captured for a 3000 Euro theft.
He is said to have gotten her flexibility after wrongly telling police in Milan she was related to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak what’s more, ought to be discharged to avoid a discretionary incident.
Media mogul Berlusconi said he would demonstrate all the charges are false what’s more, fumed: ‘Prosecutors have once more appeared they need to aggrieve me.
‘Ive chosen to go to these new hearings to appear the allegations against me are not just groundless, they are ridiculous.
‘Once once more the assault will fail, the truth will be perceived what’s more, we will come out of it more grounded than ever, as has continuously happened.
‘The allegation is completely false, my legal advisors have appeared it, what’s more, one ponders how the Milan prosecutors have the fearlessness to spend around 20 million euros in citizens cash on consultants, warrants what’s more, legitimate proceedings.’
Prosecutors say that as well as Moroccan conceived Miss El Mahroug he too paid 32 other ladies for sex with money what’s more, adornments what’s more, in a odd turn the adolescent has too been called as a safeguard witness.
Also known as Ruby The Heartstealer she has demanded that nothing untoward took put what’s more, Berlusconi had moreover giggled off the claims saying that 32 ladies are as well numerous indeed for a man of 30 let alone 74.
Berlusconi, who is being separated by his long enduring spouse Veronica Lario, 52, had moreover guaranteed his unidentified sweetheart would have scratched his eyes out.
In Italy the age of assent is 14 yet paying for sex with an under 18 is regarded as prostitution what’s more, conveys a most extreme three year imprison term while mishandle of office is 12 years.

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