Day by day Mail respected for Respect For The Elderly campaign

The Mail has been respected for championing the needs of the elderly
The Every day Mail has been respected for its long-running Nobility for the Elderly Campaign, which has battled for better measures in healing centers what’s more, mind homes.
In its yearly media awards, Advise what’s more, Mind a philanthropy which bolsters seniors,

their families what’s more, carers lauded the Mail battle what’s more, displayed its Uncommon Grant to Paul Dacre, Proofreader of the Every day Mail what’s more, Proofreader in Boss of Associated


The judges said the paper was a staunch champion of the require for regard what’s more, poise for more established people.
Mike Parsons, boss official of Barchester Healthcare, which supported the ceremony, introduced the grant what’s more, adulated the Mail for keeping the situation of the elderly on the news plan for practically a decade.

The Day by day Sends Respect for the Elderly Battle has squeezed for better standards

in clinics what’s more, mind homes since 2002. The battle featured deepening

public outrage over the way elderly individuals who have worked what’s more, spared all their lives are stripped of their homes to pay mind bills of a few hundred pounds a week.

Meanwhile, those who have not worked to possess their possess homes have their bills paid for them what’s more, are put in homes close by those who have had their properties repossessed.

In 2002, the Mail featured the case of 108-year-old Alice Knight, who starved herself to demise in challenge at being moved from her mind home in Norwich.

The same year, under weight from our campaign, the at that point Wellbeing Secretary

Alan Milburn facilitated the load of red tape that was driving hundreds of homes out of business.

Caroline Bernard, appointee boss official of Advise what’s more, Care, said: The Special

Award was given to Paul Dacre since we have been so awed with the campaign.
It has gone on for practically a decade what’s more, we needed to perceive the commitment it has made to the face off regarding about mind for elderly people.
The battle has run for numerous a long time so we looked at the full body of work over this time.

Mr Dacre has kept the issues confronted by the elderly on the agenda.
Campaign victory

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