Is that a humpback whale? The unbelievable picture of the screwy cetacean

That is since researchers figure he is enduring from a bowed spine giving new meaning to the humpback whale.
Spotted off the drift of Hawaiis Kauai Island on Monday, the humpback was to begin with thought to have been hit by a boat, causing the mind boggling disfigurement.

In distress: The harmed humpback was spotted off the drift of Kauai, Hawaii from an ultralight airplane this week
But David Schofield, marine warm blooded creature reaction organizer for the National Maritime what’s more, Barometrical Administration, expelled the vessel theory, recommended it was more likely to be scoliosis or, on the other hand ebb and flow of the spine.
He told a nearby newspaper: They’re not like toon animals.
They don’t hold the shape of the contusion. Some of the time they’ll have like a little imprint, yet it’s just not as well conceivable to see that in the event that the creature had been affected there that the peduncle or, on the other hand the tail shaft would’ve remained that way.

Scoliosis is uncommon yet researchers say they have seen it in other marine warm blooded creatures like dolphins.
Whale watchers have been incapable to spot him for almost five days, be that as it may lets trust he can rectify himself out for his next camera appearance

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