The work with a sting in its tail: Overcome cameraman takes a plunge with jellyfish for Disney film

So save a thought for this submerged cameraman as he puts himself at chance in the name of art.
These amazing pictures were shot for expected Disney film ‘Oceans’ which diagrams life in the deeps in shocking detail.

Sting: A cameraman films ocean vex jellyfish for a new Disney film uncovering the living beings that live in the planet’s oceans
‘Nearly three quarters of the earth is secured by water what’s more, Seas intensely narratives the riddles that lie beneath,’ clarifies the movie’s website.
‘Oceans offers an remarkable look underneath the ocean in a capable movement picture.’

Directed by Jacques Perrin what’s more, Jacques Cluzaud, the film, which comes out on April 22, is described by performing artist Penetrate Brosnan.
According to the South Carolina Office of Common Assets website, the limbs of a ocean annoy jellyfish can develop up to a few feet.
Its sting is ‘considered direct to severe’ with indications that can feel like a ‘burning’ sensation.

Shoal us the way: A gathering of Bigeye trevally swarm past the camera in a streak of silver

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