MIDSOMER MASSACRE: The new high-speed rail connect will curse a few of England’s most excellent wide open – counting the area for TV’s Midsomer Murders

Poor Criminologist Boss Overseer Barnaby had better wipe out all Christmas leave. At this rate, the next Midsomer Kill could be a slaughter with a certain Bureau Serve what’s more, a few common engineers found strewn over the town green. Still, it shouldnt be as well hard to find a maybe a couple suspects. There will be a few million to pick from.

A maybe a couple hundred of them happen to be standing in the snow right here outside Budgens in Wendover, Bucks. The snow-capped Chilterns rise in the separate like a humble little Alp. Its all exceptionally twinkly what’s more, twee, which is why the Midsomer makers set their ITV cop dramatization round here in the to start with place.

The swarm are all holding their hands over their ears. They are holding up for a amplifier on the back of a lorry to burst forward with what Councilor Marion Clayton has told them is the most unpleasant clamor I have ever heard. Youngsters are cautioned to stand back. Its all extremely dramatic.

Suddenly, the amplifier crackles into life what’s more, there is what sounds like a lion thundering next to a waterfall. At that point it goes noiseless again. No one has burst an eardrum, yet the point is made.

This is before long going to be the sound of the farmland in this part of Center Britain on the off chance that the Government presses ahead with its plans for the High Speed Two (HS2) rail connect between London what’s more, Birmingham.

Officially, nothing has been decided. The HS2 venture was the thought of the last Government, be that as it may the Coalition likes it, too. The design is to move on to HS3,4,5 what’s more, more in due course just like the motorway arrange joining up all the key bits of England utilizing 250mph super-trains.

It is a greatly aggressive idea. The HS2 bit alone will cost 30billion that is more than three Olympics in new money.

But this week, the Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, was dead keen, affirming a overhauled favored course to the Commons. He still keeps up that no last choice has been made, that there will be a extensive meeting next summer what’s more, a last choice next winter. Here in the Chilterns, it is seen as however more bla-bla-bla from a metropolitan tip top which has as of now made up its mind.

‘Lions roar’: The High Speed Two rail connect will go through Wendover, Buckinghamshire, in the event that the government press ahead with their plans
They are completely angry in Buckinghamshire, just as they are paralyzed next entryway in Northamptonshire what’s more, all the way to Birmingham in one course what’s more, London in the other.

In the past nine months, they have gone from living in one of the most charming extends of the nation to living in the private proportional of Chernobyl. No one needs to touch the place. After all, who would pick to live close a railroad line conveying 28 rocket trains each hour?

There was bounty of aggro at the point when they manufactured the to begin with one HS1 through Kent to speed up rail times to the Channel. Be that as it may much of that was manufactured close by the existing motorway network. HS2 is cutting its claim course through a few of the most heavily-protected wide open in Britain. What’s more, since no one needs to buy, no one can sell.

Want to move closer to that new school? Disregard it. Need to retire? Sorry. Downsizing? Upsizing? All those goals can presently be recorded away in a draw stamped Fantasy.

Overnight, millions of individuals have seen their whole life plans solidified for a long time to come, as the sheer vulnerability of it all scourges their homes. It could be a long wait. The to begin with prepare is due at a few point in 2026.

Others who have furrowed their funds into their homes what’s more, have never thought of going anyplace must presently examine ousting or, then again misery.

‘In the past nine months, they have gone from living in one of the most wonderful extends of the nation to living in the private equal of Chernobyl.’
You have to attempt to put it to the back of your mind, yet the truth is that our wonderful home is going to be destroyed, says Alex Sheffield, who lives in an captivating 500-year-old flint-fronted farmhouse with her husband, Tim, what’s more, three children.

They thought this would be their home for life. The new railroad will come right up a spotless valley that could be in Yorkshire Or maybe than 35 miles from London. It will go through their kitchen what’s more, out through the perfectly crenelated yew supports at the back. Alex demands that she is not a Nimby despite the fact that I can see nothing off-base with saying Not In My Back Yard. Its human nature.

(Show me somebody who is upbeat to see Concorde-on-wheels running through their plant in the name of financial advance what’s more, I will appear you a lunatic.)

Alex is brilliant what’s more, explain what’s more, says that she is all in support of better transport be that as it may essentially can’t understand the monetary case for spending 30billion to shave 20 minutes off the travel from London to Birmingham. As for the green contention that it will lessen North/South air movement contamination the confirm is just not there.

Its worker land, yet its moreover extremely country here as I drive around with tree specialists Justin what’s more, Rosie Lewis. They live in The Lee, a town so lovely what’s more, quintessentially English that, much appreciated to featuring in the Midsomer series, it is the kill capital of Europe.

My moms had three murders in her cottage, says Justin proudly, pointing at a delightful house ignoring the town green what’s more, the Chicken What’s more, Rabbit pub. It can be a bit inconvenient, yet its paid for a new lounge.

Miles of English farmland are at hazard of advancement – all to shave 20 minutes off the travel time from London to Birmingham
The Lee will be commonplace to Midsomer Murders watchers as the town of Badgers Drift. Theyre continuously uncovering Television carcasses there.

But for how much longer? The HS2 line will come well inside earshot what’s more, the arrangement producer, Brian True-May, has reeled off a list of towns what’s more, towns in the Chilterns, all customary film locations, that will be unusable once the line is open.

This truly is cultured manslaughter country. Poirot, Lewis what’s more, Miss Marple have all been taped in the area. What’s more, its not just anecdotal analysts who adore the place. The genuine Overseer Ice on-screen character Sir David Jason lives just outside Wendover. Hes not there today, despite the fact that somebody says they have just seen the on-screen character Geoffrey Palmer (Butterflies, Reggie Perrin), who is battling against the project, purchasing a few milk.

We drive past a sprawling ranch-style home which was esteemed at 5million last year.

The new railroad is going through the grounds. It hasnt essentially dropped in value, says Justin. The domain operator says it presently has no esteem at all. It is, literally, unsellable.

At the top of one valley, we meet grandma Reina Free sustaining the feathered creatures in a plant with a crows settle of a view. Concurring to the plans, she will look down on a rail viaduct. She declines to think about it: I live one day at a time. I could be dead tomorrow.

Mr Hammond claims the track will be a thing of beauty. We will guarantee that it is something individuals are satisfied to look at, he said.

His words have been met with incredulity. Brunel might have made excellent railroad architecture. Be that as it may look at the HS1 line in Kent what’s more, youll get an thought of what this is going to look like, says Steve Rodrick of the Chilterns Protection Board.

Its not precisely Thomas The Tank Engine. These trains will be the biggest weve ever seen 1,200-seat monsters. High-speed rail includes enormous gantries, 24-hour lighting what’s more, robust wall to keep up a wellbeing cordon on either side. The as it were individuals who will be satisfied to look at it all are common engineers what’s more, trainspotters.

Steve too focuses out that this is an Range of Remarkable Characteristic Beauty, where occupants have to withstand by a few of the hardest arranging rules in Britain. Just past Aylesbury, I meet Linda Ward outside the Hansel what’s more, Gretel covered bungalow she purchased 15 a long time ago. At present, it ignores fields what’s more, a river. In time, it could have a see to coordinate Crewe Junction.

Because it is a recorded building, it has taken Linda a few years, umpteen investigations by English Legacy what’s more, 100,000 to include on one tiny single-storey expansion at the back of her kitchen. It all had to be done utilizing carefully assembled materials, clarifies the resigned BT manager. I had to tolerate by all these restrictions. So how can the Government just come along what’s more, crush the entirety area?

‘Its not precisely Thomas The Tank Engine. These trains will be the biggest weve ever seen – 1,200-seat monsters’
The charges of bad faith by a withdrawn Government are including to the fury. No one has told me anything. Im discouraged what’s more, irate what’s more, have no thought what to do, says exercise center proprietor Caroline Owen-Thomas, whose home what’s more, business are slap-bang in the way of the new line.

Blight, of course, is a lasting issue for mortgage holders anyplace close a building conspire or, on the other hand a voyager site. Be that as it may I have never seen it on this sort of scale. There is an Remarkable Hardship Conspire which will pay up to 85 per penny of the unblighted esteem of a home to those with a squeezing require to offer say for medicinal reasons.

Everyone else must hold up for the last choice a year from now. Be that as it may indeed then, statutory scourge pay applies as it were to those whose houses are uninhabitable. What about those who have as of now plunged into negative value just since they might see or, then again hear the line? Mr Hammond is promising consultation.

Several individuals say they cant rest appropriately with all the anxiety. What’s more, its still another 16 a long time at the soonest some time recently the to begin with prepare shows up what’s more, the china begins rattling.

But, this week, they have been mobilising. Weight groups, from the chi-chi big name boulevards of Londons Primrose Slope (near the Euston terminus) right up to Brum, have as of now framed themselves into a national body.

In Buckinghamshire alone, six boards have just joined together to make a battling fund. Nature darlings are looking for orchids what’s more, uncommon bats. The EU Living spaces Order does nothing to ensure humans, yet its red-hot on dangers to greenery what’s more, fauna.

Lord Rothschild, who has two bequests in the way of HS2, has obviously procured arranging consultants. How things have changed since the 19th century, at the point when a past Master Rothschild could just deny to have the railroad close his home in Tring, Hertfordshire. That is why Tring railroad station is two miles from Tring.

HS2 has as of now been depicted as Camerons Thousand years Dome. Yet its not. The Vault was a tremendous squander of time what’s more, money, of course, yet it did not demolish people groups lives. What’s more, the 750million cost was ingested by the National Lottery.

This venture could practically be depicted as Camerons Chasing Boycott an depleting fight which captivates swathes of society what’s more, drags on for years. Numerous key figures in the new HS2 Activity Cooperation were dynamic in the Wide open Organizations together long-running protection of the hunts.

One of them, Lizzie Williams, has strolled the whole

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