Gracious no, it’s her again! Mother-in-law jokes get a new rent of life online

Now, however, it appears that the mother-in-law joke could be making a exceptionally un-PC comeback.
A wedding website for men inquired them to send in a maybe a couple current illustrations – what’s more, gotten a few 150 chokes in reply.

Andrew Shannahan, of, said: ‘The destruction of mother-inlaw jokes was simply down to the certainty that they were so trademark of a specific time of comedy, the Seventies what’s more, the Eighties, with Les Dawson what’s more, Sway Monkhouse.

Bob Monkhouse: A fan of mother-in-law jokes

‘Mother-in-law jokes progressed toward becoming the nonentity joke of that classification what’s more, the elective entertainers were saying we need to something fresh.’
But a few of today’s stand-up entertainers are arranged to hazard the fury of the mother-in-law – generally seen as an scaring figure in a pinny, wearing stylers what’s more, grasping a rolling stick what’s more, with (in the words of Les Dawson) a confront like a bulldog biting a wasp.
Mr Shannahan said: ‘We needed to see what current entertainers made of mother-in-law jokes – was it just no longer interesting to take the mick out of your mother-in-law?
‘But everything is like it was in the Seventies, where the mother-in-law is a figure of fun.

‘We had in the district of 150 jokes sent into us, so there’s still a part of comedic gold there.’
Quite regardless of whether the new jokes are as great as the old ones remains to be seen – as the illustrations above may show.

But the website’s study did have at minimum one positive outcome: While 47 per penny of men overviewed said they detested their mother-in-law, 53 per penny said they cherished her.

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