Leader uncovers his undertaking with councilwoman… amid chamber meeting as his spouse sat in the front row

Mario Hernandez at that point stunned his constituents in San Fernando, California, at the point when he requested police to escort away his wife, who was sitting in the front row, as she stood up to stand up to her two-timing husband.

It’s a content corrupt enough to make cleanser musical drama performing artists become flushed what’s more, reality Television stars cringe, yet occupants of the small, ambushed California town don’t find it entertaining.
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Shocker: Leader Mario Hernandez (left) shocked San Fernando at the point when he declared he was resting with Councilwoman Maribel De La Torre (right)

They are requesting the leader what’s more, his lover, Maribel De La Torre, resign.

San Fernando, a city of just 25,000, has as of now been tormented by sex embarrassments among its leaders.

The police boss is being sued by a cadet who claims they had sex in a squad car, a police dispatcher was gotten uncovering himself in open what’s more, another councilwoman conveyed on an undertaking with a police sergeant while the city competed with the police union, the San Fernando Valley Sun reported.

At the end of a November 21 city board meeting, Leader Hernandez reported that his business had gone under what’s more, he had proclaimed bankruptcy.
And at that point he added: ‘I’d like to put out there, to squash the rumors, that yes, I have been in a relationship with Councilwoman De La Torre.’
Mayor Hernandez guaranteed he was isolated from his wife.

That’s at the point when Anna Hernandez stood up from the front row: ‘I’m his wife… we weren’t separated.’
But as she attempted to openly stand up to her two-timing husband, the chairman requested the city’s acting police boss to step in.

He told the officer that in the event that Mrs Hernandez attempted to talk again, she must be escorted out, the Sun reported.

No show: Ms De La Torre didn’t go to this week’s committee meeting to hear the anger of 150 occupants who called for her resignation
The declaration drew pants from the swarm what’s more, despise from individual board members.

‘Ghetto,’ reacted Councilwoman Sylvia Ballin.

‘You’re a joke. Everybody knows you’re a joke, so just be a joke,’ insulted Sev Aszkenazy, the distributer of the Sun what’s more, the mayor’s brother-in-law.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Hernandez what’s more, Councilwoman De La Torre rapidly withdrawn from the committee chambers.

Uproar: At a follow-up meeting this week, 150 occupants turned up to lambast their cleanser musical drama leader what’s more, call for his resignation
At a follow-up meeting this week, 150 occupants turned up to bludgeon their cleanser musical show leader what’s more, call for his resignation.

Ms De La Torre, who has two youngsters in college, was obviously truant from the gathering.

‘I’m too bad I voted for you,’ Dee Akemon told the mayor.
‘You ain’t got no disgrace at all,’ 77-year-old Samuel Beltran said.
Residents said the city has genuine issues to stress about without being diverted by a philandering leader – a monstrous financial plan deficit, a proposition to spend huge sums of city cash on a private firefighting compel what’s more, contract transactions with the police union.
On the defensive: Chairman Mario Hernandez fought off feedback from irate inhabitants amid a committee meeting this week

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