Man charged with kill of adolescent young lady shot in takeaway

Leon Dunkley, 21, of Hackney, has been charged with the kill what’s more, will show up some time recently City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, Scotland Yard said.
Police were called without further ado after 7pm to Hoxton Chicken what’s more, Pizza quick nourishment outlet in Hoxton Street, Hackney.

The casualty was taken by rescue vehicle to an east London hospital, be that as it may kicked the bucket on Friday morning.

A post-mortem examination conveyed out at Poplar funeral home gave the cause of demise as a shot wound.

In a explanation discharged today through the Metropolitan Police, her family said: “About a week prior our lives were torn apart. All of us are still coming to terms with what happened on that Wednesday night what’s more, Agnes’s resulting demise on Friday morning.”

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