The FOUR personalities of Reggie Perrin fraudster who was incinerated as he confronted 100m venture extortion test

In a remote corner of Borneo, dubious agent David Elias was incinerated what’s more, his fiery debris were scattered in the tropical jungle.
While maybe a couple in the City of London grieved the passing of a vivid free thinker with a history of awful obligations what’s more, bankruptcy, his greatest sting was unveiled just weeks after his demise in May 2009.

A monstrous 103 million gap was found in the resources of his organization SLS, driving to the crumple of English venture firm Keydata.

It progressed toward becoming one of the greatest individual back outrages of later years, wiping out the funds of 30,000 investors.

Last week, Genuine Extortion Office investigators, who have been following high-living Elias’s complex cash trail ever since the collapse, voiced ‘serious doubts’ over regardless of whether he was dead at all.

Now an examination by The Mail on Sunday has revealed new confirm throwing question on his death.

It raises the prospect that Elias could have faked his claim demise what’s more, is presently on the run as the world’s wealthiest fugitive.

Immediately after news of Elias’s passing in Singapore come to London, suspicious City figures who had been tricked by the Oxford-educated previous advodate covertly sent a group of private agents to the Far East to convey out their claim checks.

One of the agents who dispatched the examination said: ‘The timing just appeared Or maybe as well convenient.

‘When you’re managing with somebody as elusive as David Elias, you need to double-check everything.

‘We never came up with a conclusive reply yet it absolutely raised a few genuine questions.’

The private detectives’ report, seen by The Mail on Sunday, uncovers that an personality card number recorded on the demise testament for Elias a Briton who was conceived in Singapore did not coordinate the number recorded on official corporate records in the country.

Even more suspicious, Elias had a add up to of four ID numbers unheard of in the firmly managed state, where everybody else has as it were one card.

The secret report states: ‘Enquiries are proceeding watchfully to decide the veracity what’s more, reason for the utilize of the different numbers. This in itself is suspicious.’
And while it was generally revealed in eulogies that Elias passed on matured 56 of pneumonia, the demise declaration which gives the date of passing as May 8, 2009 records ‘alcoholic liver cirrhosis’ as the sole cause. Elias had been treated at Singapore’s selective Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Now indeed his individual pilot, Godfrey Underwood, 65, who flew Elias’s body 800 miles from Singapore back to the Malaysian charge safe house island of Labuan for incineration in an open casket, says he can’t be beyond any doubt that the man named Reggie Perrin, after the Television character who faked suicide, is truly dead.

He said: ‘I didn’t think there was any question about it yet at that point these stories about him faking his passing started.

Mystery: The cause of passing on Elias’ demise testament clashed with prior points of interest provided
‘I was 100 per penny beyond any doubt he was dead. Presently I’m not so certain, absolutely since it would be inside his capabilities, with the sum of cash he stole, to have faked it.’

A fruitful worldwide businessperson owed millions by Elias added: ‘I wouldn’t be at all amazed to find that he is still alive.

‘Many individuals had their doubts right from the start. It’s altogether inside his character to pull off something like this.’

Lavish: Elias with his spouse Nicky at their marriage in Singapore in 2000 – she said she accepts he is dead
Elias’s spouse Nicky, 40, still lives in the leased 2,000-a-month house they shared in the beach front villa of Jalan Sungei Labu on Labuan.

But she has pulled in antagonistic vibe since his demise after it was uncovered that Elias too tricked neighbors what’s more, friends.

Mrs Elias presently has a new partner, a budgetary intermediary called Alec, what’s more, is consistently seen driving around the island in her top-of-the-range Mercedes.

She said: ‘My spouse is unquestionably dead what’s more, there are no mystery millions covered up away.

‘If there were billions of pounds reserved away somewhere, do you think I’d be living in a little two-bedroom bungalow?

‘I would have got my gloves on it what’s more, I would be out of here what’s more, living in the Cayman Islands with Ruler Lucan.’

She added: ‘I am lovely beyond any doubt I keep in mind bringing my husband’s dead body back from Singapore to Malaysia what’s more, was at his funeral. He lay in our house overnight.

‘Unless he has a mystery twin sibling I didn’t know about, he is certainly dead. Half of Labuan were at the funeral.’

Asked why she thought hypothesis continued about him faking his death, she said: ‘I would envision it was since of David’s less than ideal passing what’s more, the certainty that individuals were out of work what’s more, out of occupations what’s more, the money dairy animals had stopped.

‘People who were getting paid colossal wholes of cash all of a sudden found themselves jobless what’s more, that makes individuals unfathomably angry.

‘I’ve had verbal abuse, phone calls what’s more, threats.

‘People think the money’s tucked away, David’s sending it to me what’s more, I’m living in the lap of luxury, which I can guarantee you I’m not.

Life of luxury: The Rajah Laut yacht that was rented by David Elias’ organization Dragonblaze
‘I am extremely unpopular. No one truly talks to me any more… It’s not exceptionally pleasant hearing individuals saying repulsive things about your perished spouse what’s more, about myself yet you just rise above it. After all, I’m British.’

Elias, who cherished fine wines what’s more, luxurious parties, kept up a 2 million penthouse in Battersea, South London, what’s more, had a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. In afterward a long time he would regularly contract a suite at The Ritz hotel.

One team part on a flight Elias took in 2008 said: ‘Towards the end David was just an presumptuous drunk. After the plane landed he just needed to proceed drinking.

‘Often the airplane would sit on the cover for hours on end as he proceeded drinking champagne. Yet he would move toward becoming angry in the event that his limo was not on hand.’

David Reeves, a neighbor of Elias, was taken on by the businessperson to refit a yacht.

He said: ‘When I met him I considered him to be an outright courteous fellow what’s more, a scholar.’

But Mr Reeves demands his 20,000 charge was never paid.

Stewart Ford, the organizer of Keydata, was told by the SFO last month that there would be no arraignments over the firm’s collapse.

He said he kept an open mind on Elias’s passing be that as it may added: ‘I would be charmed in the event that it was found he was alive since I would sue the a*** off him.’

A representative for the Genuine Extortion Office said: ‘When somebody vanishes in suspicious circumstances, in that a part of cash has gone missing, at that point all sorts of situations can be conceived what’s more, agents are normally suspicious. What we’re centering on is attempting to find the assets.’

The liver master who treated Elias in the run-up to his detailed demise did not react to calls what’s more, emails for comment.

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