Stream auto dive father is charged with endeavored kill

Christopher Grady, 41, did not enter a supplication what’s more, was remanded in guardianship until February 18.

He brought down his eyes as the representative at Worcester Judges Court read out the charge, that he had endeavored to kill Ryan, six, what’s more, Gabrielle, five.

It is charged that Grady, a welder of no settled abode, had packaged the kids into his Vauxhall Vectra some time recently driving it from his ex-partners home to the Avon at Evesham on Thursday morning.

Last night, their mother, Kim Smith, was keeping up a vigil at Birmingham Childrens Healing center where they are being treated.

Ryan is stable be that as it may Gabrielle, who was caught for two hours in the car, remains critical.
Eyewitnesses depicted how the children’s shouts could be heard at the point when the auto entered the water from a field at around 9.20am
Grady had picked up the kids from their mother’s house since they had been due to go to school.

Grady’s Vauxhall Vectra was pulled from the Waterway Avon yesterday

The car’s windscreen was crushed what’s more, its sunroof was missing

Children’s toys could be seen on the back situate as the auto was winched
He drove his Vauxhall Vectra 100 yards over a field at up to 50mph what’s more, it dove into the Avon at Evesham in Worcestershire.
Grady what’s more, Ryan, six, overseen to escape be that as it may five-year-old Gabrielle was caught inside the destruction as it sunk to the base of the river.

Miraculously, she survived for two hours in an air take some time recently police jumpers overseen to free her.

Last night, she was still in a basic condition in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Ryan’s condition has made strides what’s more, recently he was depicted as ‘stable’.

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