Creature enchantment on the pitch… Well, they can’t be any more awful than our footballers!

Chimpledon: You can’t be serious, as this player gets set to make a monkey out of the game

Slam trunk: Elephants may not be the most light-footed of creatures, be that as it may these wearing animals, living in Thailand, cherish shooting a maybe a couple hoops

Pigs might fly: Little porkers rerun the Fabulous National in Ireland at a Celebration of Fun
Croaking it? Has this seat press demonstrated a weight as well far for frog Wild ox Bounce of Sacramento, whose energy is bodybuilding?

Bunny hop: Another winning round for showjumping rabbit Ivory Dancer

One for the pot: Carlos the chimpanzee finds himself snookered, until he recollects he can utilize his feet

Jonny Gorilla: What do you give a rampaging, 28 stone, 6ft 7in rugby-playing Asato of Paignton Zoo? The ball, of course

Featherweight champion: This parrot has been prepared to lift weights at a zoo in Nanjing, China

Ride ’em Rodent: A mouse rides a wave on a surfboard in Queensland, Australia

Crocs race: Croc No6 wins a live web betting race at Ealing studios – with benefits to the World Wide Support For Nature

Who’s a lovely kid then? Advances Darae what’s more, Arong screech over ownership as South Korea’s Parrot World Glass kicks off

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