The man who went from a sustenance industrial facility to running Doncaster’s children’s services

Check Hodson had spent his vocation administering the generation of pizza, pies what’s more, hotdogs some time recently he was paid 103,000 to run the authority’s children’s services.
The choice to utilize Mr Hodson, 48, who had beforehand worked at Unilever, Unigate what’s more, Asda, throws new light on administration disappointments inside the ambushed department.

Spotlight: As it were a constrained 11-page ‘ official summary’ on Doncaster’s ambushed mind administrations has been released
He joined the board in 2005 as part of a shake-up brought about by past disappointments what’s more, managed over the children’s division for two years.
During this time, the issues encompassing the torment siblings what’s more, their ‘toxic’ family life moved toward becoming entrenched.

At his 500,000 home, Mr Hodson, who is presently back in the nourishment industry, told the Sunday Times that the work was ‘an energizing opportunity for me’.

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