What do we want? A pleasant Cath Kidston tent: The amazingly middle-class Atmosphere Camp

‘Careful, Henry. Something’s a bit wonky – it has to be straight, what’s more, solid. We don’t need anybody falling in!’
Nearby, handfuls of youthful individuals are lolling about in the sun, swapping A-level what’s more, degree results, smoking roll-up cigarettes, talking Or maybe genuinely about atmosphere change what’s more, welcoming old friends.
Action stations: Jane lines for her Or maybe wonderful dinner at Atmosphere Camp
‘Oh my God, Helena! I didn’t figure it out you were back from Spain – how cool you’re here. It’s going to be brilliant.’
‘Nice tent. Is it Cath Kidston or, then again Argos? That’s not the one you had at Glasto.’
Meanwhile, new entries stream through a hole in the steel fence, hauling sporty tents, malodorous dozing sacks what’s more, rucksacks full of Twiglets, Marks & Spencer sandwiches what’s more, trashy novels. Welcome to day two of Camp Atmosphere 2009 on Blackheath, South-East London.
Billed as a preparing camp for activists, it was set up to instruct the science of atmosphere change what’s more, common insubordination techniques.
It depicts itself as ‘a put for anybody who needs to take activity on atmosphere change; for anybody who’s nourished up with exhaust government talk what’s more, corporate spin; for anybody who’s stressed that the little steps they’re taking aren’t enough to coordinate the scale of the problem; what’s more, for anybody who’s stressed about our future what’s more, needs to do something about it’.
Which all sounds extremely commendable (if a bit disturbing on the ‘civil disobedience’ front), yet is as a matter of fact Or maybe surprising. Since from what I’ve seen so far, Camp Atmosphere looks more like a extremely gentle, middle-class celebration than a political preparing camp.
There are individuals strumming guitars in the sunshine, a foursome playing frisbee what’s more, gatherings of understudies talking about their summer occasions (‘Suffolk was dead’) what’s more, painting brilliant flags which say such things as ‘Come on in!’ what’s more, don parts of pictures of enormous yellow suns what’s more, wilty-looking trees.
There’s a ‘well-being tent’ advertising glasses of tea what’s more, ’emotional to begin with aid’ for anybody having a bit of a wobble.
‘It’s not counselling, yet on the off chance that that is what anybody needs, we’ll attempt to put them in contact with individuals who can offer assistance them,’ says the official handbook.
And in the event that that’s not enough to mitigate frayed nerves, there’s a serenity area, ‘with a group accessible 24 hours a day to bolster the camp in testing oppression, settling strife what’s more, keeping to aggregate decisions’.
Blimey. Where are all the battle-hardened revolutionaries with foul dreadlocks, bragging stories of police brutality? Where are all the veterans – the old protect from Drax control station in West Yorkshire in 2006, Heathrow in 2007 what’s more, Kingsnorth control station, Kent, last year?
Good company: The amazingly middle-class swarm included cousin of Ralph Fiennes Natalie (front) what’s more, her companion Ottilie who battled with their tent
By the look of it, they must all be off campaigning, slamming on entryways with pamphlets or, on the other hand maybe still snoozing in their tents.

Because it all appears shockingly nice, white what’s more, middle-class, flooded with understudies who have made their way to Blackheath by means of a summer of Glastonbury, Inter-railing, outdoors in the South of France what’s more, surfing in Cornwall.
Craig Logan, 36, a mind colleague from Bradford, is one of the old guard. ‘Climate change is the greatest risk confronting mankind what’s more, we have to act what’s more, tighten up the weight on the Government,’ he says, elbow profound in washing-up water.
‘Yes, there are parcels more individuals this year what’s more, yes, they appear to be younger. The inconvenience is that at the point when you’ve a contract to pay what’s more, children, you’ve got more to lose.’
To lose? ‘A criminal record is a part more terrifying at the point when you’re a instructor or, then again wellbeing proficient than a student,’ he explains. Gosh.
‘But that’s not an issue right now. This is all about coming to out to all sorts of individuals – the more the better, from whatever foundation – what’s more, drawing them in.’ And, presumably, sustaining them all. Not surprisingly,
Climate Change activists take their nourishment lovely seriously.
According to Craig, most of the nourishment – all entirely veggie lover – is requested by a couple of individuals who have ‘got the vision’ – what’s more, apparently doesn’t incorporate the two ice-cream vans doing a thundering exchange on the other side of the edge fence.
‘Last night, we had curry what’s more, rice – veggie lover curry, clearly – what’s more, for breakfast I had muesli,’ says Craig. ‘I find porridge a bit stodgy. It’s all natural what’s more, sustainable.’
Other than the washing-up liquid? ‘Er, yes, well we were in a bit of a rush at the point when we were setting up yesterday.’
Craig is being made a difference by a little group of exceptionally lovely washer-uppers – Eve, 19, a understudy at Leicester University; Hannah, 21, a waitress, what’s more, Joy, 25, who works in a veggie lover bistro that ventures round festivals.
‘I’m here to offer assistance out what’s more, learn things,’ says Joy. ‘I’m not very veggie lover yet, yet I truly like soya milk.’
And what activity does she trust to achieve? ‘Um, er, erm… I guess, erm, sorry. I can’t truly think of anything off the top of my head.’ Goodness dear.
Old guard: There are staunch dissidents at Blackheath be that as it may numerous favored to appreciate the weather
‘It’s not just about sparing trees,’ says Hannah patiently. ‘If we don’t act soon, the human race will, well, you know, be like gone.’
Happily for Joy, the camp has a full program of workshops where students can ‘arm ourselves with the abilities to take action’. So there are sessions on everything from ‘Muslims in the atmosphere movement’ to ‘ breadmaking’ what’s more, ‘butterfly what’s more, beemaking with felt’ for children.
Some students, such as Bernice what’s more, Una, both 20 what’s more, at Leeds University, take it exceptionally truly indeed, what’s more, they’ve been so occupied battling for the environment, atmosphere change mindfulness what’s more, the Leeds College Women’s activist Society that they’ve not indeed had time for a holiday. ‘This is our holiday! The fundamental thing we need from it is to learn – to find out more.’
Not everybody is very so zealous. As I make my way to the compost loos, I pass a couple of youthful blokes lolling in the sun. ‘Are you going leafleting?’ says one to the other.
‘Nah – I just can’t be arsed,’ comes the reply. ‘It’s such a flawless day, let’s chill what’s more, go tomorrow.’
I can sort of see their point. It’s all so unwinding what’s more, neighborly what’s more, toasty warm in the sun, I don’t fault them on the off chance that they don’t favor spending the evening slamming on hundreds of entryways shaking leaflets.
The entirety site – home to hundreds, on the off chance that not very thousands – is flawlessly requested what’s more, partitioned up into subcamps concurring to area.
So activists from London have their claim area, as does Yorkshire, Grains what’s more, the South Coast.
It doesn’t indeed smell, for goodness sake. It’s too a amazingly well-mannered put – ‘No, please, after you’ is a normal hold back of the noon nourishment queue.
Joy of joys, there is complimentary reused latrine paper in the entirely controlled compost loos.
‘Some are for peeing what’s more, a few are for pooing,’ clarifies my visit manage Dwindle McDonald, who’s a atmosphere arrangement specialist at the point when he’s not outdoors on Blackheath. ‘It’s much less difficult to keep them separate.’
While the Blackheath camp might look a bit like a extremely small scale Glastonbury from a distance, the music is all pedal-powered (all the power is delivered by sun oriented control or, then again bike generators), while liquor what’s more, drugs are discouraged.
The differing swarm included battling families be that as it may was created of understudies to a incredible extent
‘This is not a festival,’ demands the handbook. Be that as it may attempt telling that to a few of the more seasoned residents, who are a bit more in-your-face what’s more, were eating breakfast at 10am on jars of warm Stella.
Or Decca Warsame, a wonderful what’s more, well-refreshed young lady from London, who’s gripping a half-consumed bottle of Jacob’s River white wine what’s more, adoring each minute of Atmosphere Camp.
‘I just kind of staggered over this celebration what’s more, it’s great. It’s a incredible vibe, don’t you think?’

She might change her mind at the point when the camp authoritatively opens what’s more, the gatherings start – it is run on a framework roused by the Zapatista progressive compel in Mexico, what’s more, their guideline that everybody in a town must concur on any decision.

Which, inevitably, implies a few lovely protracted exchanges what’s more, a peculiar shape of voting that comprises of raising your hands, palms advances what’s more, waving them about at stomach stature – which a group of individuals in one of the mutual tents appear to be attempting to idealize right now.
Maybe a few of them could stop waving their hands about for a minute what’s more, go what’s more, offer assistance 18-year-old Natalie Fiennes, a cousin of on-screen character Ralph, what’s more, her best companion Ottilie Wilford, moreover 18, who have just wrapped up their A-levels at Westminster School in London what’s more, are battling to put up their fancy Cath Kidston tent.
‘It’s a nightmare,’ laughs Natalie. ‘We stayed outdoors at Glastonbury, which was brilliant, yet we’ve never put up a tent before!
‘We’ve had a truly occupied summer voyaging around Europe. What’s more, presently we’re on our hole year, we’re going to spare up a few cash what’s more, go to India for a maybe a couple months.’
So, er, why are they here? ‘Um, well…’ says Natalie, all of a sudden shy. ‘We truly need the Government to take Copenhagen (the atmosphere change summit prior this summer) seriously.
‘No one at our school’s truly interested, so we thought we’d come along. Yet we’ve never put up a tent before, so we’re battling a bit.’
‘Oh, you know – more venture in sustainable energy. Oh, what’s more, not building more coal stations.’
Civilised: With it’s offices what’s more, well-mannered participants Atmosphere Camp is an out of the blue inspiring experience
Fair point. What’s more, with that I offer my farewells. Atmosphere Camp 2009 was not at all as I had expected, be that as it may it has been a oddly inspiring experience.
So what on the off chance that Natalie what’s more, Ottilie appear a bit confused with their cut-glass accents, perfect make-up what’s more, planner tent? Who cares in the event that poor Bliss hasn’t very worked out her mission?
Does it truly matter in the event that they don’t all have minute carbon impressions what’s more, keep popping out for ice-creams what’s more, – paradise prohibit – bacon butties?
At minimum they’re here, on Blackheath, looking for a few answers about atmosphere change. Before, that is, they fly off to India on holiday.

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