Is this Britain’s most careless father? Jamie Cumming is about to father his FIFTEENTH youngster with his THIRTEENTH lover

Britain’s most careless parent is about to father his 15th youngster with his 13th lover.

Jobless Jamie Cumming’s possess mother is presently so wiped out of his philandering ways that she’s argued with him to stop having babies what’s more, begin taking duty for his actions.

Lorraine, 55, said her child needs to find a work some time recently his 19-year-old sweetheart gives birth so he can begin paying upkeep Or maybe than let each mother guarantee benefits.

Feckless: Jamie Cumming, holding his son’s hand, has had 14 kids with 13 unique ladies – what’s more, another infant is on its way
The 34-year-old’s most recent darling is due in November be that as it may Lorraine has marked her child as ‘useless’ what’s more, said he needs to attempt to be a better than average parent to all his other youngsters some time recently having more.

‘I cherish Jamie what’s more, I cherish all of my grandchildren. Yet enough it enough. It is time for my child to stop fathering babies what’s more, begin being a father,’ humiliated Lorraine told The People.
Jamie, from Dundee, has had various occupations what’s more, has been a barman what’s more, a security watch in the past yet has never been capable to hold down a job.
He to start with told his mother what’s more, his father Harry he was going to move toward becoming a dad, matured just 17.
‘I cherish Jamie what’s more, I cherish all of my grandchildren. Yet enough is enough. It is time for my child to stop fathering babies what’s more, begin being a father.’
His sweetheart Kelly Dulley gave birth to a little young lady in February 1995 what’s more, everybody accepted the couple would go on to get married.
But once the infant was born, Jamie begun a relationship with Kelly’s cousin.
Their relationship endured 10 a long time be that as it may the couple battled to have a infant in spite of accepting IVF treatment through the NHS.

While they were attempting for a child Jamie had overseen to father another youngster with a lady who gave birth to his to begin with child in 1997.

She has since moved to France what’s more, not one or the other Jamie nor his family have seen her or, on the other hand the youngster since.
‘Around the same time in 1997, Jamie got another young lady pregnant – Kelly’s cousin’s pal,’ said Lorraine.

Trouble: Jamie is about to father his 15th youngster with his 13th lover
In November 1998 he fathered another youngster after a one-night stand with a neighbour’s little girl what’s more, less than three a long time afterward in July 2001 he moved toward becoming a father again.
Fourteen months afterward his 6th child, a boy, arrived what’s more, once in a while Jamie gives a few cash to the boy’s mother yet does not contribute towards his other children.
A maybe a couple months afterward he fathered a seventh child what’s more, in no time after that in 2002 another lady gave birth to his eighth child, another boy.
In 2004 Jamie was in new a relationship what’s more, together they have three youngsters – a seven-year-old, a two-year-old what’s more, a 13-month-old baby.
By December 2007 Jamie’s tenth youngster had arrived what’s more, five months afterward his 11th child was born.
Jamie, who has five siblings, too fathered a youngster with an Australian lady who took their child back with her after she’d given birth.
Lorraine routinely keeps in contact with her 14 grandchildren what’s more, regularly meets with their maternal grandparents be that as it may she feels embarrassed since her child is rejecting to raise or, on the other hand bolster his claim children.

He regularly spends Christmas day fluttering between each of the ladies what’s more, will some of the time spend his cash purchasing luxurious blessings Or maybe than purchasing sustenance what’s more, clothes.

Other relatives have argued with him to stop fathering youngsters yet they accept he is addicted.
Jamie has declined to remark while five of the moms were unavailable, four declined to remark what’s more, the others declined to be named.
Kelly Dulley said she could not say anything since she didn’t raise her youngster either.
One of the ladies who got included with Jamie Cumming claims he imagines he is accessible by saying he lives in a battered old caravan.
Paula Ryan, 31, moved toward becoming pregnant with Jamie’s child Cayden after they were together for a maybe a couple months.
She said Jamie would take her away for sentimental ends of the week in Fife what’s more, Ayr what’s more, claims it was the best relationship she’d ever had.
Ms Ryan said he was to a great degree friendly what’s more, was a genuine charmer.
She said she had no thought he was with other ladies at the same time what’s more, as it were knew about two of his children.
When she fell pregnant five months into the relationship other individuals told her how numerous youngsters he had.
Jamie has not contributed fiscally to her child Cayden’s upbringing.

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