Major battles father’s courtesan over 1.5m will

An armed force major confronted his late father’s courtesan in court recently as they both charged each other of stowing away his 500,000 will.
Rowena Ferneley gloated that Charles Napier, who had terminal cancer, told her she was his ‘miracle cure’ in the bedroom, what’s more, had guaranteed to take off her ‘virtually everything’.
But Mr Napier’s two kids – Major Stephen Napier what’s more, Catherine Creeks – question her claims saying their relationship was not ‘sincere’.
They say she got free of his will so she could assert their inheritance.
However, in sensational scenes yesterday, Major Napier’s offended wife, Fiona, upheld the mistress.

She told the High Court her spouse had found a duplicate of the will without further ado after his passing from prostate tumor in which the two youngsters were portrayed as ‘estranged’.
Married Mrs Ferneley, 49, says the record was ‘suppressed’ by the two youngsters to take off her with nothing, in spite of she what’s more, Mr Napier, who kicked the bucket at 65, being the ‘love of each other’s lives.
Inquired on the off chance that she had ever seen a will made by Mr Napier, she said she had not, yet added: ‘Charles told me some time recently going into healing center for a hip substitution operation that in the event that he went he would clear out everything to me.’
The court heard how the combine arranged to set up an association to offer assistance dispossessed youngsters on the Isle of Wight, where Mr Napier had purchased a £350,000 cottage. He had a further 150,000 in assets.
Mrs Ferneley said her lover, who passed on in November 2008, had guaranteed to offer assistance her proceed the venture what’s more, give for her so she could clear out her husband.
She added: ‘Charles told me he had cut his kids out of his life a long time ago.’ In a further twist, a previous sweetheart of Mr Napier’s guaranteed it would have been outlandish for him to have sex with Mrs Ferneley as his condition had cleared out him impotent.
The court heard Mr Napier’s youngsters had scarcely seen their father since he separated their mother Barbara more than 20 a long time ago.
Mrs Ferneley met him in 2005, yet it was another nine months some time recently they moved toward becoming lovers. She claims he afterward told her he knew from to start with setting eyes on her ‘that’s the lady I am going to marry’.
The hearing continues.

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