Inconceivable maths paper puts college places at risk, say A-level pupils

A-level understudies fear their college places may be at hazard after they were set an outlandish question in a maths exam.
One of Britains greatest exam sheets apologized for the screw up recently which influenced a paper sat by almost 7,000 students.
A instructor who saw the exam paper spotted the mistake what’s more, cautioned the OCR last Friday.
Wrong answer: Mistaken data given in one question implied it was outlandish for understudies to get their estimations to tally
Yesterday angry understudies overwhelmed social organizing destinations calling for the exam to be re-run.
The question, which could not be solved, accounted for more than 11 per penny of marks.
The exam board swore to take the botch into account, yet understudies said the valuable minutes squandered on it implied they fizzled to reach other parts of the test. It has not discharged any detail relating to the question.

On The Understudy Room website, one adolescent said: They ought to unquestionably give us a re-sit.
Another said: I spent 20 minutes on that question (as it was worth the most marks) what’s more, had to surge everything else. I truly required to get an A what’s more, presently I am terrified I wont indeed get a B.
The blunder focused around a 90-minute choice science AS-level exam sat by understudies in 335 schools what’s more, colleges. AS- levels are regularly sat in the to begin with year of two-year A-level courses.
In the last section, understudies were displayed with a outline appearing a arrange of tracks in a forest. The exam board fizzled to figure the length properly, which implied it fizzled to count with their numerical equation.
In a statement, an OCR representative said the exam board ‘very much regret’ the mistake.
He said: We have a few measures in put to guarantee competitors are not unreasonably hindered as a result of this sad error.
Because we have been cautioned to this so early, we are capable to take this mistake into account at the point when checking the paper. We will moreover take it into account at the point when setting the review boundaries.
He added: We will be under- taking a exhaustive audit of our quality affirmation procedures.

‘We would like to guarantee teachers, guardians what’s more, understudies that we have a few measures in put to guarantee that hopefuls are not unjustifiably distraught as a result of this sad error.

‘We do apologize once more that this has happened. To offer assistance us get it how this happened what’s more, to limit the possibility of such an blunder happening again, we will be undertaking a careful survey of our quality confirmation procedures.’

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