Were they attempting to fish fish? 650lbs great piano strangely shows up on Florida sandbar

A 650lbs terrific piano has strangely showed up on a sandbar in Miami’s Biscayne Sound – what’s more, no one shows up to be coming Bach for it.
The piano was put at the most astounding point along the sandbar, about 200 yards from shore, so that it doesn’t vanish submerged amid high tide.

Watch out for sharps: A battered fabulous piano, bearing the marks of its new position as a favor perch for seagulls, is roosted on a sandbar in Miami’s Biscayne Bay

Final note: The piano sits at the end of the sandbar – where it is highest, so that it is minimum likely to be cleared away by the tide
It’s causing no treble: A Drift Protect pontoon examines the piano, which sits a few 200 yards from the shore. Specialists have said it is not their work to move it what’s more, they won’t until it presents a hazard
But who put it there – and, nearly more importantly, why – remains unknown.
It could have come from one of the townhouses that line the shore of the narrows – or, on the other hand it could have come from further afield.

The one thing specialists do know is that unless the instrument turns from a minor into a major problem, they won’t be moving it.
Florida Angle what’s more, Natural life Protection Commission representative Jorge Pino told the Miami Proclaim that the office is not capable for moving such items.
And, he adds, unless it progresses toward becoming a navigational hazard, the U.S. Drift Protect won’t get involved.
For now, the piano has move toward becoming a favor perch for seagulls.

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